AGNI has the ability to remediate all radioactive waste made with fission models to include waste in storage.  

AGNI can break down radioactive waste made in hospitals, commonly used for medical imaging and radiation therapy.

Transmutation_Nuclear Waste-01.png

Radium 226

A radioactive product of existing nuclear fission.


AGNI Remediation Bay

AGNI cycles radioactive elements with high energy green neutrons until they are no longer toxic.


Lead 206

Radium 226 can be rapidly remediated to lead 206.  Stable and clean.



Radioactive waste is a by-product of existing nuclear fission models.  There is currently no way to break down these elements and they sit in holding tanks which are known to leak into the environment.

Our AGNI system can break down these radioactive materials through remediation, or simply put, bombarding the waste in a remediation bay with our energized, fast neutrons.  Since fusion produces such high energy neutrons, suddenly the process of breaking down the radioactive waste further to stable elements is viable. This can be likened to rocket fuel, where often a starter fuel is needed to reach the temperatures required to ignite this fuel. Fission reactions can not achieve that energy, so the radioactive waste remains a toxic end product.  Fusion with AGNI can break down these elements until they are safe and stable.